Flag of Turkey
Country information
Population 53,012,456
Capital Ankara
Demonym Turkish
Language Turkish
Currency Turkish lira
Continent Europe
Time Zone EET (UTC +2)
Other information
First Appeared Wonder Woman

Turkey, officially the Republic of Turkey is a parliamentary republic in Eurasia, largely located in Western Asia, with the smaller portion of Eastern Thrace in Southeast Europe. Off the coast of Turkey where Ancient Greece would've been lies Themyscira, the island of the Amazons.


What would eventually become Turkey was still part of the Ottoman Empire during World War I, and it would be one of the major nations that mobilized during the war, supporting Germany and the Central Powers. A notable Turkish scientist Doctor Poison would swiftly become General Ludendorff's closest ally due to her expertise in toxicology, with her creating a new and deadlier form of mustard gas within her Ottoman Empire factory. British intelligence dispatched highly experienced spy Steve Trevor to infiltrate the base, and he takes it upon himself to confiscate Doctor Poison's research and destroy her factory before the new chemical weapon can be completed, after which Steve flees on a German Fokker Eindecker.

The Republic of Turkey would replace a portion of the Ottoman Empire 5 years later (while others would be replaced by the French and British mandates of Mesopotamia, Jordan, Syria, and Palestine), following the Turkish War of Independence.

100 years after World War I, Diana Prince prepares to board an airplane to Turkey (intending to take another flight from there to France), but decides against it after seeing news coverage of Doomsday's rampage on the plane's TV.





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