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Wallace V. Keefe

Wallace Keefe
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Biographical Information
Alias Wally
Relatives Unnamed Wife
Unnamed Daughter
Died November 12, 2015
Affiliation Wayne Enterprises
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Behind the Scenes
Portrayed By Scoot McNairy
First Appearance Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Wallace Vernon Keefe (d. November, 2015) was a former Wayne Enterprises employee who lost both of his legs as a result of injuries sustained during the Battle of Metropolis.


The Black Zero Event[]

In 2013, Keefe was working in the Wayne Financial Building when he witnessed the Black Zero Event. While trying to evacuate, the building collapsed as a result of the duel betweenKal-El and Dru-ZodBruce Wayne, who witnessed the collapse, found Wallace with his legs trapped underneath some rubble while searching for survivors, and helped get Wallace out. While Keefe survived, his daughter was among the many humans who were killed during the event.

Wallace received medical attention following the catastrophe, only to be told that he would never walk again, and so his legs were amputated. His wife left him sometime later, presumably because of the death of their daughter and that the experience left Wallace embittered.  

No longer fit to work, Wallace was sent monthly severance pays from Wayne Enterprises; unbeknownst to Keefe and his superiors, however, Lex Luthor was secretly intercepting Keefe's severance pays, vandalizing each one with hate messages meant to taunt Bruce Wayne into thinking that Wayne had abandoned his colleagues whom suffered because of Superman (thus furthering the former's hatred of the latter) before sending each one back to Wayne Enterprises to make it look like Keefe was refusing his severance pays and was the one who had sent Bruce Wayne those messages. 

Manipulation and Death[]

"What the hell do you want?"
—Wallace to Lex Luthor

Two years later, Wallace was arrested by the Metropolis Police Department after vandalizing the Superman Statue in Heroes Park. Lex Luthor approached Wallace and promised to pay bail if Wallace agreed to testify against Superman at an upcoming hearing.

On the day of the hearing, Superman arrived at the Capitol Building and noticed Wallace sitting in a brand-new wheelchair. As Senator June Finch made her opening remarks, a bomb concealed in the wheelchair detonated and killed Wallace along with everyone else in the room, with the exception of Superman.

Wallace was framed as the culprit for the Capitol bombing. Meanwhile, Keefe's death and the recent discovery of the messages from the returned severance pays led Bruce Wayne to finally declare war against Superman, just as Luthor had intended. Later though, Daily Planet journalist Lois Lane would discover that Keefe was innocent when she discovered that Keefe had bought groceries the day before his death, indicating that he had no knowledge that he was going to die. Luthor's role in manipulating Keefe was revealed and used in charging Luthor of his crimes.