Wayne Manor
Batman v Superman 11
Geographical Information
Galaxy Milky Way
Star Sol
Planet Earth
Country United States of America
State New Jersey
Locale Gotham City
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Wayne Manor is the former residence of the Wayne Family. It was burned down through unknown circumstances. Bruce and Alfred now reside in a smaller modern mansion known as the Glasshouse, less than a mile away. 


Built centuries ago by an unnamed Wayne ancestor, Wayne Manor grew in size and passed through several generations before being inherited by Bruce Wayne following the death of his parents. 

When Bruce entered adulthood, he waged a one-man war on crime as "Batman" and converted the network of caverns beneath the mansion into a base of operations.

At some point, Bruce and his legal guardian Alfred Pennyworth moved into the Glasshouse after the manor sustained heavy damage during a fire. When attending Lex Luthor's fundraiser in Metropolis, Bruce passed the mansion. Before his battle with Superman, Bruce visited the manor with Alfred, depressed that it had fallen into the state that it had.

Justice League Edit

After Superman's return to life, Bruce, Diana and Alfred visited the manor with plans to repair the mansion and turn it into a new base of operations for the Justice League. The plans included a large table where the League would meet, with the options to add more chairs for new members.



  • The fact that Wayne Manor was destroyed in a fire might be a reference, homage or allusion to 2005's "Batman Begins", which is unconnected to the DC Comics Extended Universe. In the movie, Wayne Manor was set ablaze by the League of Shadows and burnt to the ground.
  • It could be possible that Wayne Manor was most likely destroyed by one of Gotham City's many rogues in retaliation against Bruce Wayne and/or Batman just like in Batman Begins. However given the fact that Bruce Wayne/Batman's secret identity is kept secure by the time of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, it is highly unlikely that one of Batman's rogues destroyed the manor.

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