Will Beall
Biographical information
Full Name Will Beall
Date of Birth
Nationality American
Gender Male
Attribution information
Written Aquaman (Story and Screenplay)

Will Beal is an Amercian screenwriter and a former LAPD detective. He's mostly known for writing Gangster's Squad. WB has hired Beall multiple times to write DC properties such as Justice League, and Aquaman. He is currently writing the Aquaman script from a story treatment by James Wan and Geoff Johns. Beall has also worked on Castle as a story editor and supervisor, and was hired to write a script for Legend of Conan, a tv series for Training Day, and a reboot to Lethal Weapon.


  • Beall was hired by WB to write a Justice League script in 2012 but his script was scrapped after the release of Gangster Squad in 2013.
    • Beall was hired again for Aquaman in 2014  competing against another writer but his script wasn't chosen. In July 2016 Beall was hired once again to write the new Aquaman featuring Jason Momoa, from a story treatment by Wan and Johns. 
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