Zod's Armor

General Zod's Armor is a heavy duty Kryptonian battle suit worn by the Kryptonian General Zod.


Zod scavenged the armor from one of the many abandoned Kryptonian colonies scattered throughout the universe.

He wore the armor until he arrived on the planet Earth where, after mastering all of his new found abilities under a Yellow Sun, he discarded it during a battle with Kal-El so he could fully utilize his powers to defeat him.


The suit is made of an extremely durable Kryptonian alloy and is manufactured to fit seamlessly over the top of Zod's Male Kryptonian Suit that he wears undernearth. It is silver in color, bulky and covers and protects nearly all of Zod's body save for a few places where no armor exists so he can manoeuvre in it. He normally wears a protective helmet with the armor but after his arrival on Earth, where he gains quite a few abilities under the Yellow Sun, including invulnerability he no longer had need for the armor. Zod's armor is extremely durable, being specifically designed to protect him from weapons such as the Energy Lance and Kryptonian Rifle, and even withstood numerous mighty blows from Superman without much damage.



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